Trailer Reactions

Goon 2: Trailer Reaction

I don’t think anyone thought that Goon would get a sequel, but it was a surprising hit back in 2011. The boyish frat comedy about a rag-tag ice hockey team beating the odds (and full of dudes punching other dudes in the face) was surprisingly safe-aware and full of some great comedy. It has since become one of my favourite Saturday night popcorn films. Goon is the best hockey movie we’ve had in the past decade, but they are sparing and that’s not the greatest compliment ever.

Goon 2: Last of the Enforcers is directed by co-star and co-writer of the first film Jay Baruchel so it’s staying within the Goon family which is good.

Is it silly? 100%. Is it crude? 200% Am I excited? 1000%. If mostly for Liev Shreiber’s return to brute comedy. Let’s support this one, it’s all Sean William Scott’s got.



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