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Anticipated Netflix – November 2016

Each month I do a round up of my 4 most anticipated releases Netflix has to offer in November. Here they are…

The Crown | Drama TV | 4th November

It’s safe to say that this is Netflix’s most anticipated TV show of this month maybe even this year. The UK made a collective hooray when Netflix announced a lavish series based on the royal couple of Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. With Claire Foy and Matt Smith in the title roles we’ll see if it lives up to the hype.

Dana Carvey; Straight White Male, 60 | Stand Up Comedy | 4th November

We all missed Dana Carvey and we didn’t know it until we heard news he was going to do a new stand up show for Netflix. The film will be ‘classic Carvey’ including impressions and (hopefully) hilarious looks into things like millennials and aging.

Capote | Drama/Biography | 5th November 

I’m very excited for this release. I can’t wait to watch the late Philip Seymour Hoffman in the role that won him his only (!) Academy Award. Capote is a biography about, you guessed it, Truman Capote, the infamous american novelist. Capote is described as a tragic character study. It was praised heavily upon its initial release back in 2005.

Das Boot: Theatrical Cut | Drama | 16th November

Das Boot is coming to Netflix. I repeat. Das Boot is coming to Netflix. Every film lecture I have at university, someone is quoting or referencing a scene from this classic film.




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