Trailer Reactions

Trailer Reaction: “GOLD”

Gold will hit cinemas in December in the US. It stars Matthew McConaughey as gold prospector Kenny Wells, a not so honourable man who finds a goldmine in Indonesia worth billions of dollars.

“It’s amazing how a little gold can change everything.” 

The story looks to be a classic rags to riches, unfortunate to fortunate tale with an antihero as the centre cog that the whole film will turn around.  

The first shot of the trailer is McConaughey’s name with the word’s Academy Award Winner proudly atop. I understand the blatant advertisement of their A-lister star but it always makes me feel hesitant about a film when they do this because I’m worried they are compensating for something. Perhaps the rest of the film won’t live up to it’s main attraction.

Syriana, director Stephen Gaghan’s previous directorial feature, was well received if not a little forgotten over the years. I’m hoping this one won’t be slated for the same fate. But there’s a creeping worry inside me that think it will.

The film also stars Bryce Dallas Howard, Rachel Taylor, Toby Kebbell, Corey Stoll and Edgar Ramirez (The only good part of that film Joy with Jennifer Lawrence that came out last year) who all will be, I fear, overshadowed by what looks like it will be a magnetic performance by McConaughey.


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